Objectives & Policies


     The Association aims to promote business within the housing sector.  Specifically, the Association takes an active stance in monitoring and keeping abreast of latest developments of the housing and real estate industry both domestically and internationally. The Association, and together with other real estate associations, cooperate with government agencies in putting forth policies and regulations which effectively promotes the industry’s growth and prospects. The Association aims to be a driving force behind the Country’s social and economic growth.

  1. Implement measures to enhance the residential sector’s growth to be in line with the Country’s economy.  Particular focus is given to implementing effective strategies on the supply whether it be locations selection, home designs, and pricings to bring about a balance between the supply and demand.
  2. Collectively working with other real estate associations in cooperating with government agencies and financial institutions in implementing regulations and policies in order to utilize the real estate sector as one of the driven forces behind the Country’s economic growth.
  3. Co-operate with and support the Real Estate Information Center (REIC).  The center serves as an important resource for strategic planning and operation improvement for the developers.
  4. Promote events and publish pertinent information on the current economic situation as well as the current real estate market directions to members of the Association.  This policy aims to assist developers in developing effective business plan.
  5. Foster sound relationship with legislative body and government agencies directly governing the housing and real estate sector.  The Association aims to facilitate and assist in resolving issues which may be brought on by newly implemented regulations.