Vision & Mission


     The Association envisions itself as the pillar of the housing and real estate industry.  The Association aims to serve as the center of information, provide cooperation and actively engage in all aspects of the housing sector. The Association is committed to fostering the industry’s growth, ensure stability, and effectively meeting consumer needs.  The Association aims to  serves as a crucial driving force behind the Country’s social and economic growth.



  1. Co-operate with both the government and the private sectors in putting forth and implementing measures pertinent to the housing and real estate sector.
  2. Promote economic, financial, and academic collaboration from the private and public sectors.
  3. Support the implementation of CSR to foster sound understanding and long term relationships.
  4. Publish information on the construction knowledge to developers.
  5. Support marketing and sales channel to developers.
  6. Facilitate pertinent knowledge and information to developers through events and activities.
  7. Ensure continual progression of the Association to be effective in supporting the duties of its directors and meeting with members needs.