August 2020

August 25, 2020 Mr.Wasan Kiangsiri and Mr.Waradhapob Pathayanant attended to the meeting of monitoring and evaluation the real estate projects that provided the housing information with REIC (14 Real Estate Associations) at The St. Regis Bangkok.


August 21, 2020 Mr.Issara Boonyang, Mr.Soonthorn Sathaporn, Mr.Samma Kitsin and Mr.Hasakorn Boonyoung attended to the meeting about discuss the case of financial institution that do not approve the loan to the customers for housing payment #5-1/2020 at Office of the Consumer Protection Board


August 3, 2020 Mr.Atip Bijanonda and Mr.Wasan Kiangsiri attended the meeting of Real Estate Information Center Committee # 3/2020 at Government Housing Bank


August 3, 2020 Mr.Waradhapob Pathayanant attended to the meeting about the determination of allocated land type C to be the source of pollution and the legal guidelines at the Pollution Control Department